Raymond Chan Wine Reviews 2020

Writing in honour, tasting to serve...The fantastic wine reviews of Raymond Chan live on under the hand and guidance of Queenstown based Candice Chow.


Why a dachshund you may ask? It’s a very famous one called LUMP. The owner is even more famous, and was called; Pablo...

Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne, a son of Provence, Post-Impressionist moved at whole generation of painters towards early 20th century ...

A Toast to Claude Monet

A toast to Claude Monet…revisiting my favourite artists and paintings helps to forget some of 2020 uncertainties. I l...

Titian Bacchus and Ariadne

The Renaissance was marked by the rebirth of the classics: literature, language, architecture and art. Dionysus, the ...

Dutch Renaissance

The equivalent of an social media post in the 17th Century at the Dutch Renaissance! I was always fascinated with the...
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