The Tanager Tangle

We are intrigued with ancestry at the moment, so I thought to have a closer look at the beautiful bird drawings on our labels. They were done quite a while ago, around 1841, and major upheaval has happened in the Natural World since; just think of Darwin’s evolution theory and our modern DNA sequencing. I promptly discovered that our lovely drawings also suffered an identity crisis and discovered one unfortunate fact.

the Riesling enigma

It is quite hard to know where to start when contemplating Riesling. Let us begin with the history of the wine, followed by some wine facts on potential ageing and finish trying to explain why we can start a dinner with a bone dry Riesling and finish the dinner enjoying a Noble Riesling dessert wine....And have you heard about Red Riesling?

to Gris or to Grigio, that is the question

Fetch yourself a glass of wine, make sure you are comfortable; there is a lot to read. Let us start with the difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris?

Steven Spurrier, The Instigator

Remember the 2008 comedy-drama film Bottle Shock? With Alan Wiseman in the title role? No, can't blame you it's a long time ago, and the movie wasn't that great. The real true story is exceptional. A classic tug of war between old world wines vs New World wines, France vs the US.

This is Lump, a very famous Dachshund.

Famous? You may ask; I never heard of him!The owner of Lump is even more famous, and his name is;Pablo Diego José Fra...

Paul Cézanne, son of Provence & Post-Impressionist.

He moved a whole generation of painters towards early 20th century Cubism. Picasso referred to him as his “one and on...

A Toast to Claude Monet

Sadly we couldn’t travel in the Covid pandemic and it is still not as easy as it used to be. So revisiting my favour...

Dutch Renaissance

Elaborate still-life paintings were the equivalent of a social media post in the 17th Century at the Dutch Renaissanc...
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